• Four easy ways to buy for less at SeekMarket


    • Use our deposit system
    • Look for Cashback Items
    • Become a member and get free every month and monthly discount coupons
    • Use our affiliates program


    By using our deposit system you can avoid the paypal handeling fee, thus saving $1 per each purchase. In addition when you make a deposit, you get a 5% bonus for deposits over $20, a 10% bonus for deposits over $50 and a 15% bonus for deposits over $100.

    So for exapmple, when you deposit $100, you'll receive a $115 credit to make purchases with. 


    Cashback Items:

    Another great way to save, is to find items marked as CashBack items, designated by the red ribbon. Similar to cash back from credit card purchases, these items credit you with a 10% money back from the item's purchase price.

    So for exapmple, when buying a $20 item, you'll receive a $2 credit to make additional purchases with.

    How to find cashback items?

    • Browse the cashback category
    • From any page, simply sort by 'cashback' from the sort drop down menu 


    Join any SeekMarket website and make sure to check the promo check box. You'll receive discount coupons evey month directly to your email inbox. In addition, you'll have access to our free category where new items are offered every month as a free download.


    Affiliates program:

    Our affiliates program is another powerful way to make a lifetime income. All you have to do is place a link to any of our websites and if your link results in traffic for SeekMarket, any item that is purchased via your link will earn you a 10% commission. Unlimited for a life time!.

    Watch VIdeo Demonstration 

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