• Uploading to SeekPhoto

    How to sell images on seekphoto

    In order to sell images you'll need to setup an author's account:

    • ° If you haven't already, visit SeekPhoto.net and create an account by clicking JOIN on the upper left corner

    • ° Click on the SELL link on the upper right side of the screen
    • ° After you read the information click SUBMIT.
    • ° Select your authorship setup as either exclusive on non-exclusive
    • ° With your authorship activated, you're ready to upload and sell your images

    Uploading images to our servers

    SeekPhoto offers 2 upload methods:

    1. Single Upload - suitable for uploading one file at a time

    Click SELL to upload one item at a time. Fill in the form and provide the image title, deion and keywords. Click Submit

    2. FTP Upload - for bulk uploading and processing (recommended)

    Our FTP Upload system allows you to upload all your files at one time for quicker bulk processing.

    This saves you the time needed to manually enter title, deion and keywords for each image

    Please note: In order to use bulk processing, your files need to have vaild IPTC metadata.

    Check out the SeekPhoto blog to learn how to embed IPTC metadata.


    • ° Click on your user name on the upper left corner of the screen and choose Dashboard.
    • ° Scroll down and click on Create FTP Account.
    • ° An email will be sent to you with your FTP Credentials. Eg:
    • ° Enter your FTP credentials into your favorite FTP software.
    • ° Upload your photos into the secure FTP folder allocated to you on our servers.
    • If any image or set of images require a release form(s), please see the section below for information on how to handle them correctly.
    • ° Once the upload is complete, navigate to your dashboard and refresh the page. Click Bulk Process to submit.
    • ° You're all set! The title, deion, and Keywords will be generated automatically from your IPTC data.
    • You'll receive an email confirmation once all items are processed and approved.

    3. Handiling images that require a release form(s)

      • ° In order to assign a release form to an image or set of images, create a dedicated folder and copy the relevant image(s) to it.
      • ° Inside that folder, create an additional sub-folder and copy the release form(s) associated with that set or photo-shoot.
    Here's an example of how a folder should be setup:
      • ° Using your favorite FTP software, upload the folder to your FTP account at SeekPhoto.
      • ° Navigate to your dashboard and click Bulk Process.
      • ° You're all set! The title, description, and keywords will be generated automatically from your IPTC data,
      • and the release form(s) will be associated with the correct image or set of images.

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