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    SeekMarket - FTP uploading

    Featuring three innovative and user-friendly FTP uploading engines: FTP GENIUS, FTP EXCEL and FTP BASIC designed to help speed up your work flow.



    - For unexclusive authors looking for the quickest way to upload their catalog

    Step 1 - Creating your FTP login credentials

    Log into your SeekMarket account and navigate to your dashboard. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on CREATE FTP ACCOUNT.

    Screenshot 1

    Step 2 - Check your email

    Your FTP login credentials will look similar to the following:

    Host: ftp.seekmarket.net

    Username: [your SeekMarket username]]@seekmarket.net

    Password: [the password that was emailed to you]

    Port: 21

    Step 3 - Use your favorite FTP client software

    There are many great FTP client products available, we recommend FileZilla for PC / MAC. It's FREE and easy to use

    Screenshot 2

    Step 4 - Navigate back to your dashboard and click PROCESS. That's it - You're done!

    Screenshot 3

    Prefer adding an Excel or CSV file contaning your items' deion and keywords? USE FTP EXCEL

    For a more hands-on uploading approach USE FTP BASIC

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